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 Page Load Speed

Being ranked on page 1 is vital to growing your business, level 1 seo raleigh recommends you to use Google's free tool that analyzes your page load speed.  An average person’s attention span is only 8 seconds, so your page loading needs to be instantaneous in order to engage a prospect.  Google knows this and rewards pages that load quickly in their search results.

Mobile Friendly

Your website needs to be optimized for smart phones or you will get crushed by Google rankings.  People spend more time on their smart phones than ever before and Google is well aware of this. Having a website that is not setup to be viewed via a smart phone can absolutely destroy your rankings.  level 1 seo raleigh makes sure your website is mobile friendly

Be active on Social Media

This ties into the suggestion directly above; having a social media presence on sites like Twitter, Facebook, etcetera, can aid in your Google rankings because it shows there is activity “buzzing” around your site.  Unfortunately this is not the case and constant site updates in conjunction with social media activity are needed in order to aid in higher page rankings.

Google Maps Optimization

Google sends a verification code to your physical address, you will need to verify this for 2 reasons:
  • To verify your google business
  • To rank on google maps, like the following


seo raleigh

Don't forget about Google Maps Optimization

level 1 raleigh seo recommends you to shoot for higher google maps listings.  This is a great way to increase your presence for the customers who need your service in your area.

Although there are many more tips to help you with your SEO  the aforementioned ones in this article are a great place to get started.  It definitely can seem daunting at first, especially when you consider that what was mentioned in this article is merely the tip of the iceberg on what can be done to a website to help it rank in Google. 

Keep in mind

Search engine optimization can take months if you have no idea what you are doing, let alone if you are working with a shitty company that buys backlinks on fiverr.  If you are going to invest that amount of time and money into something you are going to want to make sure it was done right the first time. Level 1 seo raleigh makes sure you don't waste money on useless forms of advertising.

Keyword Research and Placement

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When you develop your page you are going to want to research relevant keywords that you will want to rank for and make sure those words are being used organically throughout your site. 


Simply creating a page without putting any thought into keyword rankings may get you results, but those results will come much more slowly.  A plan needs to be put in place for what search terms you want to gain traffic and lead generation from, and you must optimize your page for those terms.

Make sure you are using Google Webmaster Tools

Google webmaster tools are 100% free and a great resource to use when working on your site.  Make sure you sign up and use them in conjunction with Google Analytics so you can analyze page traffic and make necessary adjustments to maximize click through ratios and time spent on your site.

Good raleigh seo companies will show you how they are going to rank your website and what will happen in the process of ranking your website.

Make sure your titles, and descriptions are set up properly


When your website appears in Google you want it to display a clear and concise title and description.  This needs to describe what your page is all about with limited words.  If your title or description are missing or sloppy it can affect your rankings significantly.  If you need help with this, you can contact a reputable marketing company. level 1 seo raleigh is a good stop for marketing consultancy.