So, you have a construction business and your located in raleigh, guess what no one cares.Now of coarse, the first thing you do is pay for advertising, like buy a spot on the your local newspaper, yeah you might get one call out of the week.So you step your game up and buy a listing on yellow pages paying $500 a month for your construction advertisement to be shown to the WHOLE WORLD.

Good for you !

But no one still cares,  you’re still invisible to most people these days, and let me tell you, most people these days are not on yellow pages looking to find a construction company.

Your $500 down the f***** drain. 

Now, don’t get me wrong you got a couple leads that came through, but most were probably calling to get a quote to see if your cheaper than your competitor.

Yeah your probably cheaper cause you want the business.

You now stubble with another problem, the project is not worth the amount of time and money for you to send your guys out to the site. SEO raleigh is a necessity. 

Let me ask you this ?

Do you really want to spend your time getting low priced projects to come home still unhappy with your construction business.

Your competition is dominating the market, and you know it, but you still think you can run a successful construction business if you can get a couple projects and build a relationship with them, and hopefully they’ll provide you with some referrals.


Word of mouth right ?


raleigh construction seo


yeah sure i guess….

Now if you want to stay mediocre, good keep doing what your doing.

If you want to dominate, your going to need to find out how people find a construction business, and i guarantee you, your competition is doing search engine optimization for the raleigh area.

They probably show up first when you search for “construction raleigh”.

Or they may even type

“raleigh construction”

Either way, who cares. Their getting good projects because of it.

So should you seek out an seo agency, absolutely. The seo companies in raleigh are decent, however we specialize mainly on construction businesses, so why look else where ?

Why ?

That is where most of your market is on, most people find businesses on their phones on google. This is exactly where you need to be, if your wasting money on yellow page advertising your wasting money, now i’m not bashing yellow page advertisement. You can still get something from their advertising services, but your money is well spent on hiring an

raleigh seo agency.

Look, raleigh SEO may not last forever, but now it is the trend these days.

The only way you can keep up with your potential customers, is to be where their at, this is where they can find you, and call you for your services.

Why the F*** am i going to go on yellow pages, when google is just a click away.

Do you see where im getting at ?

We want you to stop wasting money on useless forms of advertising, invest in a raleigh construction seo or else.